Undergraduate Student Awards

The Division of Environmental Chemistry sponsors annual awards to full-time undergraduate students currently enrolled in an education institution program in chemistry, environmental engineering or other programs emphasizing environmental chemistry. These students must have completed one full year of study at their current institution by the date of announcement of the awards (May).  One award per department at an educational institution will be given to outstanding full-time undergraduate students (department may be from outside United States). The department will determine the criteria for the award and will make the selection. Application must be submitted to the Division of Environmental Chemistry Business Office by April 1 so that certificates and complimentary division membership may be processed and forwarded to the departments for presentation by May 1.  The award consists of a one year membership in the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry and a certificate.   Please use the form below.

UndergradNominationForm (doc)

UndergradNominationForm (pdf)

Cumulative_Undergrad Award Winners